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The strongest yet softest band we’ve ever made.

A watchband has the most contact with the wearer, the ideal material is something soft and comfortable while being strong enough to last as long as possible.


An Aventi watch band is made out of FCR rubber; a synthetic rubber with molecular stability and durability for the harshest environments. With a high level of chemical resistance and capable of lifting 15 kilograms, the Aventi rubber strap is one of the strongest in the market, while still being soft to the touch.


What is FCR rubber? A fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer material, a synthetic rubber utilised in the aerospace and automotive industry where the smallest rubber O-ring can be crucial to success. FCR rubber provides all of this strength while remaining soft and comfortable on the wrist. With a higher density than any natural rubber, 1800KG/m3 compared to 920KG/m3, the choice of the watch band material irrespective of the cost was obvious.


Each strap is individually injection moulded using a custom mould. These moulds were CNC cut in-house for a perfect shape and finish on the band. FCR rubber is heated to 190°C (374°F) and pushed into the mould under extreme pressure. This extreme pressure ensures every millimetre of the mould is filled. Each band is allowed cool to cure before being fitted to the case with Grade 5 titanium spring bars. These are watch bands that match the drive for perfection and excellence in engineering present in every part of an Aventi watch.

The strongest
yet softest band
we have ever made
The strongest
yet softest band
we have ever made

Each FCR rubber strap is produced in two main stages in a process over 5 weeks.

Production Process
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
4 weeks Mould creation

An airtight mould is developed and produced in house, creating an exact imprint of the strap into two iron plates. The surfaces of these plates must be perfectly flat and level to create an airtight seal.

1 week Injection moulding

Each rubber strap is individually injection moulded and inspected to ensure the quality of each piece. Injection moulding is the process of pushing hot liquid rubber into the mould under high pressure. This pressure ensures that every part of the mould is filled, eliminating any possible weakness within the strap. once the injection process is complete each strap must be individually inspected and finished to ensure an optimal feel.

The strongest yet softest band we have ever made. the strength to stand up to the harshest conditions while remaining soft and supple.

Aventi Specs
Material FCR rubber
width 20mm
Min / Max Wrist size 155mm-208mm
6' - 8 3/16'
Pull strength 15kg
Density 1800KG/m3
Colour Midnight Black
Branding Aventi debossed on inside
A watch you
never see

Rival to all, bested by none.

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