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No offices.
No Boutiques.
No Workshops.

Our watches are made to a new global standard. We simply use the best talents and partners from around the world to coordinate an organization that is taking on giants.

Aventi Built on the
of giants
We have no watchmakers

We found the best watchmakers in the world and created our own movements with them as partners.

We have no factories

We partnered with the same factories that produce for the most prestigious watch brands in the world.

We have no offices

We found the best talent across the globe and invited them to work with us from where they are.

We have no boutiques

We treat our clients as friends and serve them anywhere in the world.

There is nothing ordinary about Aventi

And that is at the core of our success.

Aventi A Global

Every area of our existence has been meticulously planned and developed for success now and in the distant future.

We have created management systems that allow teams from over 10 time zones to work incredibly effectively.

We have created production systems that allow the coordination of multiple partners to come together to produce a single flawless product.

Our Visionary approach has caught the attention of both collectors and critics.

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All our
watches are

There's no other watch in the world designed like an Aventi, there are very few watches with the same specifications - and none with the value we offer.

Each piece
is rare

With a strict allocation process and demand far exceeding supply.

Each piece is built to last generations, is incredibly robust and designed with reliability in mind.

All Aventi A13 timepieces are backed by a 5-year warranty, as well as a flat-rate service fee, reflecting our confidence in their quality.

Each piece is
a technical

An impressive combination of cutting edge production processes and horological complications presented in ways previously unthinkable. Each case is crafted within a ridiculous tolerance, using the most coveted and desirable materials available.

The Aventi team is relentless in its demand for quality, and we expect standards from our partners that even the most prestigious brands in the world do not. We examine, scrutinise and perfect every aspect to meet a quality control standard, unlike anything our partners have encountered before.

A13 Ghost

The most complex single piece of sapphire in watchmaking - suspended over our first 100% Swiss-made tourbillon: the GT-01S.

Aventi timepieces
are not just
are not just

They are allocated based on strict criteria. These criteria are used to assign each piece to the best possible recipient and to prevent profiteering and clients who don’t align with our family values. Aventi clients are those who have a real passion for watchmaking, those we consider true friends of the brand and respect our vision.


If you have any more questions or would like to get to know us more, please arrange a concierge appointment or contact us through any social media.