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What you see is not one engine but 63 individual parts working perfectly in unison to produce a masterpiece.

No single person created these parts - they were built by giants - the same names history has echoed for decades.


We wanted to create one of the highest quality movements, one that’s accurate, reliable and finished to an incredible level—focusing not only on the final result but also the most efficient, reliable and robust way to achieve it—a grand complication for everyday wear.


We didn’t build this movement; we worked with a team of the greatest talents in the world. Pillars of accuracy and watchmaking, with centuries of experience. Masters in the heart of Switzerland crafted every component of this engine. Companies including Atokolpa, TEC Ebauches and Generale Ressorts, the same companies who have worked with Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and now Aventi.


We stood on the shoulders of these Giants to put together an engine that is:

  • More accurate than a Chronometer.
  • Over four days of power reserve.
  • Shock resistant to a car crashing at over 200 KM/H
  • And magnetic resistant to over 500 metal detectors at a single time.
  • Servicing required only once every 5 years.
Swiss made
Swiss made

All of these components are brought together in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, a city of great importance in watchmaking. 150km north of Geneva, La Chaux de fonds is where Swiss watchmaking became the gold standard. Some of the finest watches in the world were designed and produced here; Gerrad-Perregaux, Greubel Forsey, Omega, Rolex’s first Swiss operation and now Aventi.


Our movement is made in partnership with Olivier Mory - our master watchmaker who worked with AP concept on the Richard Mille RM001 - now valued at $2.5 million dollars.

Crafted in solid grade 5 titanium. Each edge is bevelled and polished, every facet finished with perlage. Protected by a medical-grade carbon black coating, decorated with deep gold engraving.

The GT-01S Movement
is produced in 5 stages.

Production Process
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
Crafting the titanium base plate

The unique grade 5 titanium base plate is machined in partnership with TEC Ebauches. One of the leading names in high tolerance and complex machining, working with brands as Purnell and other complicated tourbillon movements. Working with grade 5 titanium can be twice as challenging as working with convention movement materials.

The baseplate is the foundation for the rest of the watches components to be built within. Each baseplate is milled from grade 5 titanium to match the exact shape of the Aventi case. The baseplate determines the placement of every component in the watch. Using 3D modelling, the exact placement of the recess and holes for every component is mapped out and cut into the base plate within a minute tolerance.

Movement finishing

Every aspect of the GT-01S demonstrates a level of detail beyond reason. Every aspect is flawless. Each edge has been bevelled and polished, and every screw has been perfectly countersunk and torqued. Perlage finishing covers every millimetre of the front and back of the movement. ‘Swiss-Made’ mark engraved in deep-gold. Protecting the intricacies of the finish is a medical-grade black carbon coating. This coating is applied atom by atom in a vacuum chamber, protecting the movement while allowing the finishing to shine through.

Movement assembly

The 63 components of the GT-01S are hand Assembled and tested in La Chaux-de-fonds. Each component is individually inspected and then placed within the movement in a specific order. The assembly of the tourbillon cage alone can take as long as assembling all other components.

Tourbillons are one of the most sought-after and mesmerising complications in watchmaking—a complex balance of components with weights that must be uniformly distributed throughout the mechanism. However, unlike a traditional tourbillon with an average of 40 components, the GT-01s Tourbillon cage has only 18. This reduction in complexity assists in the reliability and efficiency of the movement.

Hand setting the pigeon blood ruby

Looking at the skull, you will see two glowing red eyes staring back at you. One the movement jewel in the barrel, the other a natural pigeon blood ruby. It is one of the rarest gems on earth, handset into your movement.
Every ruby is hand-picked for colour and clarity and confirmed for authenticity with IGI testing for each selection.
Rubies are very rarely seen in fine timepieces, a pigeon blood ruby is almost unheard of.

Our workhorse movement, built on the shoulders of giants.

Aventi Specs
Complication Tourbillon
Origin 100% Swiss
Movement Dimension Diameter 31.8 mm / Thickness 6.5 mm
Material Grade 5 black titanium
Finishing Perlage finishing
All edges are bevelled and polished
Including screw and jewel holes
Deep gold engraving
Frequency 21,600 VPH (3HZ)
Accuracy +/- 4 seconds per day
Power reserve 105 hours / 4 days
Shock protection 5000 G
Magnetic resistance 2000 Gauss
Mainspring inertia 16mg*cm2
A watch you
never see

Rival to all, bested by none.

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