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See the engine roar in incredible detail.
Watch glass that will stay perfect for decades.

The unique design of the Aventi range and our drive for perfection means every piece of sapphire crystal for the front and back of the watch needs to be custom cut in house.


To ensure that the perfect case seal is achieved, ten individual edges need to be machined from 1.8mm thick Sapphire crystal within a tolerance of 0.02mm.

Not content with a single layer of anti-reflective coating on the inside of the front watch glass, seven individual layers of anti-reflective coating are applied to each side of the sapphire crystal.


Each layer must be individually applied and set in a 5- hour process similar to electrolysis. First, the sapphire is submerged in a solution as an electrical current is pushed through it. When an electrical current passes through the solution, titanium and zirconium oxides bond to the Sapphire to form the first antireflective layer.


This process is repeated 13 more times over an entire week, each layer taking 5 hours with drying time in between.

Such incredibly thin layers of this coating mean that even with the 14 individual layers, the total thickness of the anti-reflective coating is still only approximately 0.6 microns thick.

14 layers of
14 layers of

Each piece of Sapphire crystal watch glass is crafted in 4 stages in a process over 13 weeks.

Production Process
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
5 weeks Raw material received

Raw sapphire crystal is received and is cut to size, with a thickness of only 1.8 mm, each piece of the sapphire crystal must be cut extremely carefully.

4 weeks Sapphire crystal cutting

2 sections of sapphire crystal are cut for each piece. Due to our complex case shape, every piece needs to be cut in-house with 10 independent edges. Each piece must be cut within a tolerance of 0.02mm. This tolerance is critical as if the piece is too large it will not fit within the case. Too small, and the water-resistance of the case will be compromised.

2 weeks Polishing

Both sides of the sapphire crystal are hand polished to remove any markings or cloudiness caused by the machining process. Though the watch glass is a flat surface applying the correct amount of pressure can still be difficult with such a thin piece of sapphire crystal. Each piece must be polished by hand by a skilled craftsman to avoid any cracking or shattering.

2 weeks Anti-Reflective Coating

14 layers of Anti-reflective coating is applied to each piece of sapphire, with 7 layers on each side. Each layer of Anti-reflective coating must be applied individually in a process similar to electrolysis taking 4-5 hours per layer.

Every detail of the sapphire skull and GT-01S movement are in clear view at every moment.

Aventi Specs
Material Sapphire Crystal
thickness 1.8mm
ar Coating 7 layers on each side, a total of 14 layers individually applied
Number of edges 10
required tolerance 0.02mm
hardness 9 Mohs scale
A watch you
never see

Rival to all, bested by none.

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